Something Different for Women!™ is a series of courses designed to show women how to access their own self power, step into their purpose and start living their dreams…NOW!

Participants in Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore’s courses:

  • Are introduced to new perceptions regarding their lives
  • Are presented with endless options and ideas for living better
  • Become more self aware



*Jennifer is on an indefinite hiatus from her work at this time. She has every intention of returning & will do so when the time is right. At present, no return date has been set. If you wish to be alerted when she does return, please sign up for our inspirational mailer in the lower right corner of this homepage. Thank you! 

About Jennifer

Something Different for Women, LLC was founded by Jennifer Macaluso- Gilmore. Since January 4, 2003, Jennifer has taught her "Something Different For Women" courses to over 700 women here in New York City as well as females around the globe...

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