Advanced Course: "The Relationship Course"


This two day intensive course is designed for women not dating yet, women dating somewhat, women dating someone new, women in short or long term relationships, engaged women, divorced women and even married women! Any woman can benefit from this course, as long as they have the desire to examine more closely their part in creating and sustaining a loving, healthy and intimate relationship.  This course covers the YOU within every relationship, the OTHER within every relationship and the co-existence of two people in any relationship. As well, this course takes a closer look at the realities of real, intimate relationships versus the unrealistic expectations of glamorized relationships – something women have come to idealize through our cultural conditioning: in advertisements, romance novels, soap operas, films and especially children’s fairy tales that most of us were raised on. So, if you’re ready to make strides, overcome hurdles and start having more success in relationships, this course is for definitely for you!


The “Power of Right Now” course.

Dates/ Times

“The Relationship Course” meets for two consecutive days on a weekend.  Upcoming cohorts:


  • Saturday & Sunday, January 21st & 22nd, 2012
    11 am – 6 pm Both Days


  • Saturday & Sunday, T.B.D., 2012
    11 am – 6 pm Both Days


East 38th Street, New York City


The weekend course is $325.00 or $285.00 to repeat and refresh.

To make your payment, please visit the signup page.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a late charge of $5.00 per day for payments not received on time.

Class Size

A maximum of twelve women will be accepted into each class.

Contact Us

To reserve your space or to learn more, please visit our signup page or contact Laura at

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