Foundation Course: "Power of Right Now"


The “Power Of Right Now” course invites you to create the life you want right now. This inspiring, motivational course is perfect for any woman who wants to excel further in any area of her life or for any woman who feels lost or powerless in one or more areas of her life.  This course appeals and applies to women of every age, race and income bracket. More so, it is for women who are excited to learn the tools needed to design their own lives. Through sheer fun & support, The “Power Of Right Now” will show you that stepping into your dreams can happen in this present moment…and this present moment is the most powerful tool you have! With special assignments, mind blowing exercises and endless tools, you will begin to expand your world in ways you never thought possible — and finally realize your true potential.

Dates/ Times

The “Power of Right Now” course meets once a week for six consecutive weeks.


  • Tuesday, September 13th 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, September 20th 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, September 27th 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, October 4th 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, October 11th 7-10pm
  • Tuesday, October 18th 7-10pm


  • Date & Time T.B.D.
  • Date & Time T.B.D.
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  • Date & Time T.B.D.
  • Date & Time T.B.D.
  • Date & Time T.B.D.


East 38th Street, New York City


The entire six-week course is $495.00; $695.00 via correspondence or $435.00 to repeat and refresh.

To make your payment, please visit the signup page.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a late charge of $5.00 per day for payments not received on time.

Class Size

A maximum of fourteen women plus two women via correspondence will be accepted into each class.

Contact Us

To reserve your space or to learn more, please visit our signup page or contact Laura at

About Jennifer

Something Different for Women, LLC was founded by Jennifer Macaluso- Gilmore. Since January 4, 2003, Jennifer has taught her "Something Different For Women" courses to over 700 women here in New York City as well as females around the globe...

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