Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a class?

Visit the “Sign Up Page” to learn more.

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What is the cost of each class that is offered?

  • “Power of Right Now” – $495.00 per woman
  • “YOU, INC.” – $495.00 per woman
  • “The Relationship Course” – $325.00 per woman
  • “Inspiration Alley” – $75.00 per woman
  • Private Coaching Sessions – $115.00 per one hour session

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How can I pay for a class?

All spots for all classes officially get reserved via payment ONLY. Your payment can be made by credit card through Paypal OR by cash or check. To make your payment by credit card via Paypal, click here. Otherwise, make all checks payable to “Something Different For Women, LLC” & email us for the mailing address: …as well, the drop off address for cash payments.

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Are discounts available for any of the courses?

Yes, in keeping with the spiritual law of Karma, discounts are given to anyone who refers two or more people that sign up for a course. Please inquire about specific discounts by sending an email to

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How often does class meet?

“Power of Right Now” – once a week for six weeks
“YOU, INC.” – once a week for six weeks
“The Relationship Course” – for two consecutive days on a weekend
“Inspiration Alley” – one night

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How long is each class?

“The Power of Right Now” – once a week for three hours
“YOU, INC.” – once a week for three hours
“The Relationship Course for Women” – for two consecutive days on a weekend
“Inspiration Alley” – one night for three hours

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Is there homework?

Yes, there are pre-assignments given out when you sign up. Then, after each class, assignments are given out for that week. FYI: The homework for these classes should really be titled “HOMEPLAY” because the assignments in these courses are not like those you had when you went to school- they are thrilling, life changing and lots of fun!

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What if I have to miss a class?

If you end up having to miss a class, there are two options to help you make up the class:

#1. You are free to make up that week’s class with the next cohort at no extra charge. Just check here on the website for the next cohort start date & then look for the actual date to make up that specific week’s class.

#2. You are free to make up that week’s class privately in a one hour phone session (within the same week as the class) for the same fee as a private: $115.00 for the hour. Additionally, you can then still make up the actual class with the next cohort at no extra charge still.

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How many women are in each class?

No class is ever smaller than eight women or larger than twenty five women.  However, given the popularity of these courses it is rare to have less than twelve.

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Why is the class size 8-25 women?

Each class size is designed so that every women gets enough time and attention to discuss and work on things she would like to. Simultaneously, the size is big enough so that each attendee can learn and hear from other women’s experiences as well as have enough time for you, the participant.

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Are classes only offered on certain days and at certain times?

Yes. Classes are ONLY offered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights from 7-10pm OR on Saturdays from 11am -2pm, 2pm – 5pm, or 3pm-6pm. Some class days and times are seasonal (Saturday classes are only offered in the winter) while others are offered most of the year (either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights).

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If I can’t take a class now but wish to take one in the future, how can I know about future dates?

If you are interested in being informed on future course dates because at present the course dates do not work for you, please click here to be taken back to the home page where you can automatically sign up for our mailing list. This will keep you in the loop regarding all upcoming course dates & their availability.

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If I don’t live in New York City is it still possible to take a class?

Yes! Even if you don’t live in NYC, you can still take a class via correspondence. Here’s how it works: When you reserve a spot for an upcoming class via cash, check or credit card payment, you are added to the class list just like everyone else here in NYC; officially becoming part of the group. Although not physically here, you do the class privately for one hour each week via telephone at a scheduled weekly time set especially for you. Then, after each one of your private class sessions, you communicate with your fellow classmates via telephone & email doing the same assignments & everything right along side them!

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Something Different for Women, LLC was founded by Jennifer Macaluso- Gilmore. Since January 4, 2003, Jennifer has taught her "Something Different For Women" courses to over 700 women here in New York City as well as females around the globe...

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